Introducing Nicaven

For a very long time, I struggled to find a theme I liked. I started out in that middle school punk phase, loving the all black theme with the some-what depressing posts, pictures and quotes. Then I started moving out of that, posting things I found funny. After that, after a while, I moved onto fashion…something that brought me way closer to what I wanted. Anything from Chanel to white duvets to puppies and Acne tags, all the way to abstract pictures of a certain product like converse or a piece from American Apparel. I slowly started to incorporate pictures of food into the mix; foods that were so colorful they looked like art. Realizing that I was mostly reblogging smoothies and stuff at this point, I started steering in the direction of a tropical theme. Following that has landed me where I am now. My blog consists of everything from fashion to cities to beaches to mountains to models to food to surfing to animals to anything I find captures something beautifully. Bright colors, movement, sound, anything that draws my eye. My blog is my beautiful, random messy canvas…and somehow, it all fits together perfectly. Easy on the eyes. So that’s how I’d like to introduce you to my blog; welcome to my messy canvas that consists of an array of food, fashion, travel, photography and general day to day experience of life. I hope everything you see is as inspiring and lovely on your eyes as I believe them to be.

Everything you see in this blog is a little piece of me. A cornucopia of all sorts; it’s amazing to consist of so many things, and to find beauty in each and every one of them.

Enjoy, loves!


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